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February 21, 2017 § Leave a comment

I haven’t released a new collection of original songs in quite some time. That’s due to a number of factors, but mostly because I’ve been working on a ton of other projects. Movies, plays, sound design projects for this and that. But that doesn’t mean I wasn’t writing. There’s one song in particular that I’ve been wrestling with for over four years now. I knew the chorus was strong but never liked the verses. Usually I’d just shelve a problem child like that, but something made me keep pulling it out of the drawer every few months. But I never could crack it. Until tonight. It’s 3:15 am and I just finished a rough demo of it. It was so strange; after almost half a decade, three verses just tumbled out in twenty minutes. And I think I like them this time. We’ll see – I have to give it the “don’t listen for a week and come back to it” test. But I’m pretty confident…I think!

That said, I’m currently recording an acoustic EP, and plan to do a full-band EP some time in late spring or early summer. And hopefully this site will be more active. If you’re still watching after all this time, well…keep watching!


Epiphone Casino, one of the newer tools in the toolbox around here.




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