Joe has released two albums as a solo artist, and seven with Donny Who Loved Bowling.

Joe GriffinCountdown to Apostasy – released 2010

A collection of alternate performances of songs from Rough Cut Love. Named the #16 best release of 2010 on the Progopolis internet radio show.

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Joe GriffinRough Cut Love – released September 3, 2006

“Joe Griffin’s ‘Rough Cut Love’ is loaded with infectious pop hooks, impeccable classic rock sensibilities, and seasoned with a dash of alt-rock spiciness…the songwriting here is more mature, the musicianship experienced, and the lyrical craftsmanship poetic. “Rough Cut Love” marks the impressive emergence of Joe Griffin as a creative force to be reckoned with, and one that should easily win the hearts and ears of all who take the time to listen.”
— Vince Font, “Schizopolis” Internet Radio Show

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Donny Who Loved BowlingAvignon.

DWLB’s sixth full-length album is a pseudo-concept album about the Avignon Papacy.
Or is it?
Recorded over much of 2016, released on August 12, 2016.
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Donny Who Loved Bowling – The Approaching Flock Of Birds Is A Metaphor For The Onset Of Madness – released January 29, 2015.

The fifth full album from dwlb is a sprawling exploration of different possible outcomes from similar starting points.
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Donny Who Loved BowlingSpotlight Dream Choir – released January 21, 2015 .
An EP of tracks from the abandoned “Circus Animals” project.
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Donny Who Loved BowlingHeadstone – released January 22, 2013.
Headstone Cover
Donny Who Loved Bowling’s fourth album is a dark affair, much more raw and abstract than their previous releases. Harsh, unsettling and by turns angry and despondent, the music evokes pain, loss and helplessness. There’s also a down side.
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Donny Who Loved BowlingScreeching and Exploding – released September 21, 2010.

“Plays like the soundtrack to a futuristic David Lynch western.”
–Vince Font, “Schizopolis” Internet Radio Show

The third full-length release by Chicago/Austin experimental duo Donny Who Loved Bowling finds the band embracing acoustic instrumentation to a greater degree, paying warped homage to classic rock guitar riffs and 30s blues licks, alongside their trademark electronic twists. “Screeching and Exploding” is at once more meditative and more brutal than their debut album, “tree fort,” and displays a clear progression from the organic advances of their critically-acclaimed “Butcher Covers” release of 2008.

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Donny Who Loved BowlingButcher Covers– released January 20, 2009.

The glorious result of misspent studio downtime and strange opportunity, Butcher Covers contains 7 of the dozen or so cover versions recorded by Donny over the last couple of years.

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Donny Who Loved Bowling tree fort – released April 1, 2003.

donny’s debut album is “A day-tour through the world of laptops and loops, visiting moody ambient alleyways, raging industrial train stations, lost and found sound departments and graffiti-strewn walls of noise.”

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